Brook Hart ’07: From Baseball to Business, SCASD Made Him Better

In his time at State High, Brook Hart suited up in maroon and gray all school year round, playing football, basketball, and baseball for the Little Lions. For as long as he can remember, his life has revolved around sports—from tossing a Wiffle ball in the yard to being a member of three high school sports teams. As much as he dedicated his time to and made an impact on SCASD athletics, his identity was shaped in other ways during his high school career—ways that extend well beyond the field.

After completing his undergraduate studies in political science at Yale and playing a few years of baseball in the minor leagues, the ’07 State High grad has returned to his roots.

Hart had sports on his mind when he and fellow alumni Joe Gazza ’06 and Kurt Collins ’06 came together to talk business. The three lifelong friends have been working to create Lockeroom, an online tool that eases the logistical mayhem of youth sports leagues. From fundraising to registration, their platform takes the burden off parent volunteers.

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You Can Help Enhance the Arts at SCASD!

In the State College Area School District, students are exposed to learning opportunities that extend far beyond the classroom. Arts, drama, and music are cited by alumni as district programs that are life-changing. 

The State College Area School District Education Foundation was created to expand the whole-student experience, giving students access to the resources they rely on to thrive and build the foundation for their future.

This spring, the SCASD Education Foundation is seeking your help with a specific project: upgrading the arbor lights for the new State High theatre. An outstanding stage that will be utilized by hundreds of students and faculty each year for performances—and enjoyed by countless others in the audience—will be constructed as part of the State High Project. The arbor lights will expand the opportunities available in the new theatre for student performers and crew. The new lighting system will be adaptable far into the future and easy for students and volunteers to operate—giving them hands-on experience with equipment that may boost their careers.

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Straight Talk Task Force Tackles Difficult Subjects in Monthly Presentations

All schoolyear long, the Straight Talk Task Force has been bringing free monthly presentations to SCASD parents, caregivers and community members covering topics like depression and anxiety, drugs and alcohol, sexual abuse, self-harm, healthy relationships and more.

In April, SHAPE America’s Teacher of the Year in health education, Melanie Lynch, tackled the high stakes topic of body image in her Straight Talk presentation at Mount Nittany Middle School. On May 17, 9 through 12 grade students in My Mental Health Matters, a new club at State High, presented May’s Straight Talk session. MMHM is a student-formed club that aims to erase the stigma attached to issues surround mental health.

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