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Making a Difference for Students


Another Year of Generous Support 

The latest issue of FOUNDATION magazine highlights how students continue to benefit from generous support for the Education Foundation. Together with a growing list of contributors, acknowledged in this issue, the Education Foundation provides funding that makes an impact on student experiences, from the classroom to extracurricular activities to mental health and well-being. Read the full issue.

A New Round of Grant Awards

The latest round of grant funding from the Mardi Lowry McDonough ’87 Student Opportunity Fund distributed more than $20,000 for educator-led projects across K-12, including the Virtual Academy.

“It’s exciting to see the innovation and inspiration that teachers and staff bring to our schools when we review applications for the grant program,” said new Education Foundation Board President Michelle Frisco. “This effort is a true example of the community partnering directly with educators to give students worthwhile learning experiences.”

Ongoing Support for Growing Mental Health Priorities 

“Thanks to community support for the Mental Health Matters Fund, the district has been able to utilize more resources for mental health needs of students,” said SCASD Director of Student Services Jeanne Knouse. “As a result of the pandemic, these needs have increased in severity for students and staff, and we still have many families who lack the resources to fulfill their basic needs.”

When the fund was created, prior to the pandemic, early support was dedicated to professional development for faculty and staff, payment for direct care for students who did not have insurance to pay for therapeutic support, and implementation of K-12 initiatives to increase mental health awareness. When the pandemic closed schools and businesses, community members contributed to the fund to aid district families facing financial stress.

Ms. Knouse said the impact of this support was two-fold: “It helped to support the basic needs of families by providing gift cards to purchase food and necessities. Without this support, many families would have not had their basic needs met and, as a result, students would not have been in a space to learn.”

As the ongoing effects of the pandemic impact students and families, the Mental Health Matters Fund will continue to be a critical resource for mental health initiatives and assistance to families.

A Banner Year for Memorial Field

Historic Memorial Field was in the spotlight this year thanks to renovations and improvements made possible, in part, by the generosity of alumni and friends. A $1 million commitment from Larry Beans ’62 named the press box; he also named the concession stands for his graduating class. Dreibelbis Plaza at Memorial Field is named for a $500,000 gift from Galen Dreibelbis ’52. The Hawbaker Family locker room is named in recognition of the family’s $200,000 gift. Plus, many home team lockers are named for individual alumni and families for their gifts to the project.

“On behalf of the entire Education Foundation board, thank you to the State College community, to our dedicated administrators, faculty, and staff, and to all the families and students in our district,” said Michelle. “All of us working together is what helps our students and our schools to thrive.”

Consider a tax-deductible gift now to benefit students in 2022. Give online at scasdfoundation.org/donate.