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Together with you and the SCASD student services team, we pioneered the Mental Health Matters Fund in 2019. This thriving fund has continued to evolve and fuel an important and innovative support system for students and families. I encourage you to read on and learn about the impact of your contributions.

After nearly two years outside of the typical school experience, the SCASD team is preparing for increased demand, especially to address student mental health and well-being. Thanks to generous contributions from the school community, the Mental Health Matters Fund has helped the district to make significant strides serving students and their families. Here’s what your gifts have accomplished in the past year:

  • The addition of 11 interns to the Herr Clinic/SCASD partnership who are qualified to work clinically with students
  • Direct care for students without access through insurance from mental health professionals
  • Professional development for faculty and staff focused on trauma-informed care and building classroom community
  • Materials for mental health kits for all middle school and high school students, organized by the Jana Marie Foundation
  • Support for three times the number of families during the 2020 holiday season than the previous year
  • Critical financial support for utility payments, rent, food and personal care items to around 100 families throughout the 2020 school year

Director of Student Services Jeanne Knouse says the impact is simple, yet profound: “If their basic needs and mental health needs aren’t met, students can’t learn. With this support, we remove those barriers to learning.”

Students and families who have been directly touched by your generosity have expressed tremendous gratitude to student services staff for this valuable resource, illustrating that the Mental Health Matters Fund is truly neighbor helping neighbor.

The Education Foundation is grateful that you are part of a strong community of supporters helping students thrive in school by making sure resources are available for their mental health and well-being. Please renew your support now to keep this important fund and its essential work going in the new school year.

Thank you for being a partner for student success.

Sincerely, Chris Buchignani, President