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Or more like 500. While most students will spend their spring break relaxing at home or traveling on vacation, one decided to go in a different direction. State High senior Lewis Yeaple has his own plan. This spring break, Lewis plans to ride his bike 500 miles in only 5 days to raise money for the American Diabetes Association Inc. and to support the fight against juvenile diabetes.

For Lewis, this disease hits close to home. When he was four years old, he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and has spent his whole life conquering it. Two years ago, Lewis took it upon himself to create an event to raise money and awareness for juvenile diabetics around the world. With an original goal of $1,000, Lewis has surpassed all expectations as he gears up for his ride. This event has already raised $2,340, more than double the original goal.

Lewis is ready and willing to complete this challenge to prove one thing: “This ride will prove that diabetics are capable of conquering anything they set their minds to.” His ride will begin at 8:30 a.m. March 24th at the Mount Nittany Middle School.