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The Technology Student Association (TSA) is an academic competition which spans many fields of technology, design, and communication. Nationwide, TSA supports over 230,000 students in 49 states. The competition proves an engaging environment for students to learn technical skills, present their projects, and learn the intricacies of modern technology. With events in computer-aided and architectural design, students get the chance to immerse themselves in all aspects of design, including budgeting and physical model construction. Teams from all over the state and country compete and gain valuable experiential knowledge along the way.

At State College Area High School, the club supports approximately 100 students in grades nine through twelve and takes students to regional, state, and national competitions. This year, State High students have taken first place awards at all three levels of competition and has succeeded in recruiting a large group of freshman. We hope to continue our growth and service in conjunction with the community, but we are in dire need of more funds to do so. We are looking for donations of money so that we can afford transportation to all levels of competition, new printers and supplies for the team, and competition registration fees.