“I was born and raised in Boalsburg, Pa., attending the SCASD kindergarten through 12th grade. After graduating from PSU in Elementary Education, I went on to teach kindergarten for my entire career, with a few years of nursery school teaching at Grace Lutheran Pre-School.

What is your connection to the district?
My husband and I have three wonderful children who all graduated from SCASD.

My father and grandmother also graduated from SCASD. My grandma attended the two-room Frazier Street School. I am proud to say my mother taught kindergarten in State College for just under 30 years and my father was on the school board here for 30 years. My connection to the district is a family affair.

What was your inspiration for joining the board?

Joining the Foundation is a way I can give back to a school district that afforded my children, and myself, an education that truly prepared us for our goals — an education that offered academics, arts, music and athletics, with no limits as to what we could experience and achieve.

What unique trait or experience do you bring to the board?

Growing up in this community, attending school here and then being fortunate enough to teach in the school district, I hope will enable me to benefit the Foundation and, in turn, the district.

What do you hope to help accomplish by being a part of the foundation board?

I hope I can follow the leadership of the Foundation in drawing more people to support school initiatives, and in turn support children and deliver an educational experience second to none.

Do you have a story or experience to share about the district?

Through my experience and my children's, I honestly have so many positive things I could write about our schools. Most importantly, the administrators, and entire staff, are so dedicated and child-centered, I am always proud to say I learned from them all.”