Michelle has lived in State College since 2005. She is a Sociology & Demography faculty member at Penn State University who studies the intersection of children’s family lives, school experiences, and health outcomes. She has a daughter in first grade at Radio Park Elementary School and a son in sixth grade who attends Park Forest Middle School. 

What is your connection to the district?
I have two children in the district.

What was your inspiration for joining the board?

I joined the board because I have been extremely impressed with what the district offers students in State College, but I recognize that continued community involvement and investment can even further enhance students’ experiences in our local schools.

What unique trait or experience do you bring to the board?

My background in studying schools combined with my experiences as a parent of two students in the district will help me serve the board well.

What do you hope to help accomplish by being a part of the foundation board?

I hope to be part of a team that works to help bring greater resources to students in the district.

Do you have a story or experience to share about the district?

I can’t bring to mind just one specific story, but I have been blown away by the education and support that both of my children received by every teacher at Radio Park (we’ve only been at Park Forest Middle School for a few weeks, so we’re still learning about that school).