“I have lived in the Centre Region for more than 30 years and currently reside in Harris Township with my husband Ron. My two children are graduates of State High. I work as an accountant for a local small business and am a proud graduate of Villanova University.

What is your connection to the district?
I am a past member and past president of the SCASD School Board. During eight years of service on the board, I learned a great deal about the district's history and operations. Through my role in planning and decision-making, I gained first-hand knowledge of its strengths and its challenges. In my last year on the board, I was part of the effort to re-establish the district's development function, paving the way for the establishment of the Foundation.

What was your inspiration for joining the board?

The State College community places great value on its public education system. Community members have high expectations, but are extraordinarily generous and proud of what they, as a community, have created and supported. The Foundation offers a way to take the programs, services and opportunities which the district provides to students to another level. I look forward to exploring that potential.

What do you hope to help accomplish by being a part of the foundation board?

As charter members of the Foundation board, we will help to establish how it will operate and engage with the community, and help to chart its course into the future. I hope that we are able to establish a firm and respected 'foundation' so that the Foundation's efforts to positively impact the educational experiences of students will be successful, sustainable and long-term.”