Chris lives in Park Forest with his wife, Terri, and their seven-year-old daughter, Isabella, who attends Park Forest Elementary. He is president emeritus of The Nittany Valley Society and is a partner in several local small businesses, including Rock Lion Goods and Blue White Media. Chris is also co-host of The Obligatory PSU Pregame Show and Podcast. During the 2013 primary election, he served as co-director of Friends of State High.

What is your connection to the district?
I have lived in the Nittany Valley for over 20 years; this is my home. As a parent and engaged resident, contributing to the collaborative relationship between the community and our schools is a top priority for me.

What was your inspiration for joining the board?

Because both of my parents were public school teachers, and many other members of my family have also worked in education, I grew up with a deep respect and appreciation for the importance of education and the value of good schools. Whatever service I provide the foundation honors them by acting on those lessons to benefit a community I love.

What unique trait or experience do you bring to the board?

Besides my dry wit? I hope I can help the foundation excel at outreach and communication, particularly in connecting with the many distinct constituencies that together form our unique college town community.

What do you hope to help accomplish by being a part of the foundation board?

I hope we will establish a strong basis for the foundation to succeed over the long-term. That means making favorable impressions and taking on successful, beneficial projects. I want the people of State College to feel good about the foundation as a means for the community to help our teachers and students get access to resources that enhance the richness of education here.

Do you have a story or experience to share about the district?

As someone who did not grow up in State College, I have been consistently impressed and pleasantly surprised at the high levels of investment in the life of the schools here. School districts are most successful when they function as a partnership between educators and the public. Judging from everything I have observed, we are so fortunate to live in a place where both the exceptional professionals and engaged citizens are smart, passionate, and dedicated to excellent outcomes.